Saturday, February 11, 2012

Ski Season Pics and Stories

Especially compared with last season, which was banner by all accounts, this winter has not been the epic ski period that I pictured in my life. That's probably not a bad thing while in my first year in graduate school, my mind can focus on books and not be wandering in the mountains (too much). It's also been fun to dabble in some other activities: I've picked up hockey, been skate skiing quite a bit, and getting out climbing ice whenever I can. However, that being said, I have had some really fine days in the mountains, with good company and smooth turns. Here are some pictures of the far! 
(There have been other amazing days as well with equally amazing people and dogs. Either I didn't have my camera with me or chose not to document the trip due to poor lighting, poor snow, or I was just being lazy.)

Great day at Moonlight skiing with ACU college friends!
Dad and my new cousin Paul on the top of Alberta Peak
at Wolf Creek Pass ski resort in Colorado.

My buddy Brett and I tried to wrestle a snow mobile up
the Jewel Basin road to get in some backcountry turns but
the road was a sheet of ice. We couldn't even get the sled
up the road! Ski trip fail...

A beautiful day on Mt. Ellis with Brett and the powder
hound Mayble.

Fellow "earn your turn junkees" Brett, Dominique, and
Master Blaster (MB) in Hyalite Canyon.

MB at the top of a couloir in an undisclosed location in
Hyalite Canyon.

Another backcountry buddy Chris shredding yet another
Hyalite couloir.

MB leading the way up a steep, narrow, powder filled
couloir I dubbed "Benign Cancer". (Look up Terminal
Cancer...) Very fun to ski!

A rad day at Big Sky actually riding the lifts, what a
concept! Friends Brett, Kirk, me, and ACU buddy Brad.