Thursday, May 30, 2013

Traveling to Nepal

I'll be the first to admit that traveling halfway around the world is a marathon and isn't for the weak at heart. We began our trip on Sunday May 5th by driving to Billings for the night since we had to be at the airport by about 4 am on Monday morning. Monday definitely started early, but checking our bags went rather smoothly. It was a pretty routine flight to Seattle and then we settled in for a 7 hour layover for our flight to Tokyo. We filled our time with scavenger hunts, pushup contests, and shuttle-train rides.
Hanging in the Seattle airport. If you've been to the SEA-TAC airport you know the giant double-curved glass window that is on the right.
The flight to Tokyo was our longest at about 10 hours. I watched a couple of movies and had a nap. Our food seemed good for plane fare: curried chicken and rice for dinner then a fruit cup and egg english muffin sandwich for a pre-arrival meal. It was two hour stop in Tokyo before flying to Bangkok (7 hour flight). Airports in countries other than the US are very funny: you have to go through security when you get off the plane before you enter the airport, then you have to get your bags checked again right before you get on the plane. I feel bad for people that try and buy duty-free items and then have to throw them away before getting on their next flight.
Scott modeling some Japanese candies in the airport.
Sleeping in the airport. Our group just kind of took over...
We then slept in the Bangkok airport on various cushions, couches, and chairs, having taken blankets and pillows from our last flight. Some of us had our backpacking sleeping pads with us to sleep on too. Then it was off to Nepal, another long flight of 4+ hours. So what does one do? Well, you write in your journal, you read a little of your Bible, and you watch another movie. Oh, and did I mention gawk at Everest out the window? We all had seats on the right (north) side of the aircraft and got to see the Himalayas as we came into Kathmandu. After all that we were very happy to be on the ground in another country again rather than in the limbo of an airport.
The airport architecture was really interesting. I think it's the largest single terminal airport in the world (by area). 

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Back in Montana!

Well, I have officially been back in the States for a week and am finally getting back on my feet. Since I've been home, my time has been filling with dealing with jet-lag, fighting a foreign bug in my system, entertaining parents on a visit, and spending time with my family (don't forget we are a family of 3 here in the Bozeman-Lane house...). This on top up trying to sort out how God shaped my life through the trip to Nepal. It's been a blur.

 I figured I would post a first blog about Memorial day weekend while it was still fresh in my head and to make myself share the day-to-day things this summer in addition to the big trips like Nepal. Mom and Dad came down on Saturday and rolled into town around 4:30 after spending lunchtime with Larkin in Missoula. Alli and I had just finished up a Car Detailing fundraiser to help kids raise money for Young Life camp. Perfect timing. That evening we ate stacked enchiladas and walking to get frozen yogurt up the street together.

On Sunday we went to church for a Nepal celebration service where some of us were able to share stories of the trip. After lunch the five of us (Kyler included) went up to Bridger Bowl ski area to try and find some snow to ski. Mom hiked halfway up with us finding wildflowers. We even saw a cow moose with a new born calf, likely not even 3 days old wobbling around on its little legs! By the time we got to the top of the old Alpine chair lift, it was threatening a severe rain complete with thunder and lightning. We found shelter and waited out the rain before continuing up the Apron and bootpacked up Hidden Gully, gaining the Ridge in the process. It was great to be there with my Dad! I don't think that he has been on top of the Ridge since they lived in Bozeman, 25 years ago. Wait, that's how old I am...

Taking a little nap on a sit pad out of the rain.
We've gained the ridge! Dad with the Bangtails and Crazies in the background.
Steep and narrow: just the way we ski mountaineers like it.
The last of the snow. All the way down at the top of Bobcat run. 
The ski down was amazing! Maybe one of the best runs down Hidden of the whole season. Snow was good, albeit rocky. We changed back into our shoes and tromped down to the car where Mom was waiting patiently. The rest of the evening was enjoyed with an antelope roast and trip pictures.

Memorial Day was another relaxing day. We took Mom and Dad to REI for the last day of the Sale and then out to lunch. Then it was hugs and goodbyes and they hit the road to get back home sooner than later. The rest of the afternoon for us meant yard work after the sun came out for the first time in several days. What a life!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Partnership with Global Recordings

While we are in Nepal, part of the goal is to carry hand-crank powered mp3 devices for villages in the Himalayas. Vision Beyond Borders partners with Global Recordings Network to provide the recordings. Check out their story of Nepal here. If you are interested in what will be on the devices, check out this page. This might not exactly be the message we are given, but something very similar I'm sure. We will be in the Gorkha region so potentially look at the Gorkhalli language information on the same sight.  You can listen to an example in the language and then read english versions of the transcript.